Wholesale Jerseys Check Out This Floating Waterpark!

Check Out This Floating Waterpark!

 So this pontoon has a waterslide, trampolines, and a rope swing!  The Tarzan boat is revolutionary it its design; offering a waterpark feel in your own waterway.


The floats can include:

- 6ft diving platform

- 12ft diving platform

- Rope swing that you can use for ROPE SWING BEER PONG

- Military-grade poly cargo net you can swap in if you don't wanna play ROPE SWING BEER PONG

- Small trampoline

- An Olympic-grade trampoline that launches you as high as 20ft in the air

- A twisty tube slide

There are three boat size options: Tarzan Boat, Tarzan Sport, & the Tarzan Mini.  


The Tarzan Boat comes with all the bells & whistles.  This 12' by 34' pontoon that can entertain up to 40 people at a time with its many features!

Tarzan Sport is a 'lite' version of the bigger boat, smaller, simpler, and flexible for you use.  But it still has 5 of the 6 features.  


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