Wholesale Jerseys One Man's Fun Obsession Became a Usable Bugout Camper!

One Man's Fun Obsession Became a Usable Bugout Camper!

What began as a fun post apocalyptic project became a usable personal camper.  I am pretty sure he thought of everything!  If there is no power, then there are no cars... If you need to get out of the city, then you need something like this.  It was fashioned for Burning Man - the climate is dry, hot, and extremely windy. He was inspired by Mad Maxx... can you tell? 

The frame is made from 3/4 aluminum, 2x2's, nuts and bolts, and chloroplast.  He sat down and thought: what are the necessities in order to survive? This is his answer... Shelter, a place to lay, a place to sit, food, electricity & water.   I think his design is pretty cool~

His wind turbine was made from a bicycle generator.

12 Volt solar panel and black solar water shower.

Inside the camper he had a table, sink, stovetop, cooler, storage.

The entrance wall housed a small fan, battery life gauge, and pencil holder. You always need a pencil holder...haha.

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