Wholesale Jerseys In This Volcano Lies A Spa! Check it out...

In This Volcano Lies A Spa! Check it out...

In northern Columbia lies a mud volcano.  According to local lore, the volcano used to spew fire, lava, and ashes, but it was turned into mud by a local priest who believed it was the work of the Devil, and endeavored to banish him by sprinkling holy water into it.

The volcano, El Totumo, is now a popular tourist destination.  According to popular belief, it has healing qualities when bathed in.  

The mound is 49 feet high (around 5 stories high) and is accessible by staircase.  It can hold between 10-15 people at one time.  Those visiting bathe in the dense mud and they have an option of getting a personal massage from a local attendant.

 With a cost of only $2.00, the volcano is affordable.  

A visitor to the volcano recounts her experience, " The inconsistency of the mud intrigued me. Some layers were cool, others warm. Sometimes it felt as smooth as well-melted chocolate; other times the graininess of the dirt brushed my skin like a gentle exfoliant and small rocks moved between my fingers. "

If you are able to to make it to Volcan del Totumo, here are a few tips:

  • Leave all your valuables in your hotel
  • Make a huge effort to go in the off hours and not with a tour group. In the mornings and afternoons, when the tours come, the massages last only 2-3 minutes and up to 40 people could be crammed into the crater at one time.  While when you are there when there are not as many visitors, your massages could last up to 40 minutes!
  • Don't forget to tip!   

Source: Intelligent Travel


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